Asia Pacific Partner and Distributor
for Excel Foundry and Machine

Our Service

Excel Undercarriage understands that delivering a product that performs well alone is not enough and we pride ourselves on offering industry leading product support to ensure that our customer’s receive the full value of any parts that are supplied. We are available to assist with unit auditing, monitoring wear rates and to work with site personnel to support parts planning and budget forecasting.

Dragline Services

With a team of dedicated design engineers and over 80 years of experience in engineering replacement parts for Draglines, Excel is able to provide engineering support to design and manufacture replacement parts that are made specifically to your site requirements. This custom engineering can greatly reduce repair time and repair costs when carrying out your next shutdown.

Excavators/Shovels Services

Correctly managing the undercarriage of large mining excavators and shovels is critical to their productivity and will positively affect process performance KPI’s such as MTBS, MTTR, Percentage Scheduled Downtime, Contractual and Physical Availability. A condition monitoring program involving regular scheduled undercarriage inspections, measurements and timely replacement will help extend the life of the components, increase productivity, reduce downtime, reduce the machine's cost per hour, and assist maintenance planning to schedule the most economical repair options. EXCEL Undercarriage systems are built to wear longer and cost less to operate.