Asia Pacific Partner and Distributor
for Excel Foundry and Machine

Excel Manufactures Hydraulic Excavator Replacement Parts for:


  • EX2500
  • EX3500/EX3600
  • EX5500
  • EX8000


  • PC3000
  • PC4000
  • PC5500
  • PC8000


  • RH120E
  • RH170
  • RH200
  • RH340

Excel Foundry & Machine Offers Excavator Parts Including:

  • Bushings
  • Pins
  • Shafts
  • Pinions
  • Upper Rollers
  • Lower Rollers
  • Track Pads/Shoes
  • Drive Tumblers
  • Idlers

By adopting years of design and metallurgical advancements, Excel offers premium replacement parts made from the best materials and engineered to the highest standard. This gives customers a finished product specifically engineered to give the best possible performance and life cycle. Through working with customers and identifying causes and modes of failure, Excel engineers focus on designing parts that have superior design and function but still maintain interchange ability with the OEM components. With options like custom cleating on track pads and improved lubrication options for shafts and bushings, Excel can provide parts that are matched to suit your site specific requirements.